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solo-redskins Become a Successful Student Athlete. I’ll Show You How.  You love sports. You excel at sports.  You see sports as your ticket to college and then on to the pros.  Most colleges and universities seek out students who are good athletes.  The recruiting of student athletes is a big time business and very important to colleges and their athletic departments. Today, dealing with the college recruiters and athletic departments has itself become a competitive sport for the student athlete and his or her parents. Once the decision is made and the college career has begun, colleges and universities work diligently to improve and hone the student athlete’s athletic skills in preparation for playing at the college level and even beyond.  But how does one survive the rigorous academic schedule of going to class, studying and passing exams, and still have enough time to excel in his or her love of the sport? Simple. You learn from someone who’s “been there” and “done that.”

Johnathon J. Smith

Hi. My name is Johnathon J. Smith. And I can help you (or your son or daughter, if you are a parent of a promising student athlete) become a better student and prepare for an excellent business career when the bright lights of the college athletic career fade. The odds of becoming a pro in any sport are overwhelmingly against all the athletes who have such aspirations.  The simple fact is that, with only a few exceptions, you are not going to become a professional athlete.  So you, with the help of your parents and others who are important in your life, need to come to this realization as soon as possible, and take maximum advantage of the academic opportunities that a college athletic scholarship makes available. Like many successful life coaches, Tony Robbins, the highly regarded motivational speaker, teaches; “Success and failure leave clues. If you do the same thing that other successful people are doing, you too will achieve the same, if not even greater, success than they did.” My best-selling book about the lessons I have taken from a successful college athletic career and the disappointment of not having as successful a pro career as I had dreamed about is called “Dare to Dream.Play to Win,” and it is now available as an APP. With the advice I provide in my book, you can learn from the comfort and convenience of your iPhone my proven secrets for building a great athletic mindset, improving your academics, and positioning yourself for a successful career in the competitive world of business. My program is a proven step-by-step playbook of what to do, how to do it and how to achieve the success you seek.  My book is essentially a road map of how I managed to balance study, practice, and play, without stressing out and giving up. I want to share the secrets of the success I’ve been able to achieve in my life. God has blessed me with a few gifts, but it wasn’t easy figuring out how to balance my academics, my family, my sports, and my life. However, I was aware enough of the challenges of my journey that I kept a journal every step of the way, so I’ve documented all of my many failures and successes. In recent years, I’ve spent time fighting to keep legislation for youth programs alive for young people on Capitol Hill. I’ve also been asked to share my experiences in countless motivational speeches to students around the country. My book is filled with realistic experiences and uplifting events that will teach you what to do, what not to do, and how to achieve success in athletics, as well as how to choose a really great career path. My book challenges you. It “dares you to dream”and teaches you how to“play to win” Parts of your journey will not be easy, as was true for me, and there’s some hard work involved. But if you’ll commit yourself to the journey by reading my book, or using my APP, I’ll show how I did it and how you can do it too. I’d love to be there in person to help you, but since that’s just not possible, my book will mentor you and show you how to find the courage to dream BIG. And how to play to win. Success in College and Sports = $uccess In Business Life The values and ethics you learn in becoming successful in college and sports can carry you to equally great victories in business. My book will show you how to prepare yourself for a successful business journey by learning those values and practicing how to make quick, but effective, decisions.READ MORE!

The pain of not going pro

Between professional football, basketball, and baseball, there are fewer than 3,000 on-field jobs for athletes. In any given season there are roughly 70,000 student-athletes playing college football. Of that number, half would be eligible to enter the professional ranks. To put it bluntly, the odds are long and for every one that makes it, there are thousands of others left to wonder. And for those left wondering, what happens when reality dictates a life outside professional sports? READ MORE!

The secrets to a successful career

Prior to his senior season, Rocker attended a Georgia Tech career fair in search of yet another summer internship, something that would broaden his horizons. As luck would have it, Rocker ran into a GT alum who works for Microsoft. READ MORE!

Use what you have to make a difference

- Athletes have so much to offer such as their accomplishments, mentoring and leadership abilities. These experiences can be used to motivate a community.
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