Exclusive VIP Package With Johnathon!

For those who desire individual attention and the most direct path to receiving the advice and strategy they need, Johnathon occasionally consults with qualified clients during VIP private consultations.

Now, what are those?

It’s an entire day with Johnathon (and whoever else you want there), mapping out the next level of your personal growth, and future . . .

That means we do work on rebranding and giving you a total transformation

. An athlete transforming into a more focused person.

Johnathon knows from experience how valuable it is to find a coach to mentor and guide you.

It wasn’t too long ago when Johnathon was right in your spot.

You know, being concerned about high school, and then college, and then studying a major hoping that it would be worth a damn once graduated.

Do you have that anxiety feeling creeping up on you, too?

Are you in that situation or something similar?

Well, Johnathon could definitely help you on your career path.


He’s been there and done that, remember?

All that you are going through, he went through the same thing, except worse.

But he made it out alive. And has now made a name for himself . . .

You could do the EXACT same thing.

It’s easier than you think.

What Johnathon can do for you is take your natural gift, and ENHANCE it.

By doing that, he will be directing you on a more clear path, so you won’t ever have to feel “lost” again.

You will be evolving, really . . .

Both of you will instantly be addressing any challenges you may be experiencing.

All very valuable stuff!

Now, not everybody can receive VIP treatment.

Several pre-requisites apply.

A VIP package is especially perfect for those who wish to keep their working arrangement with Johnathon confidential, if desired.

Johnathon privately consults for several former athletes and leaders in their respective fields, as well assists those that want to use him as a “behind-the-scenes” secret weapon type.

This is a very unique package as you have him literally holding your hand, every step of the way.

He will be mapping out your strategy each year during your new career and ultimate growth.

Get motivated and click here to get started with the VIP Package!

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