Author Johnathon J. Smith seeks to inspire student athletes with the release of his new children’s book, Dare to Dream, Play to Win. The book will provide a heart-warming and motivating story presented as part of a world- class package. Johnathon wrote this book to show how children can take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them to the classroom. It is designed to encourage younger children to stay in school and learn all they can while still participating in team sports for fun. The book discusses some of the issues that Johnathon faced as a young athlete.

As a former University of Connecticut football player, Johnathon J. Smith was hungry to be a great student athlete. He says, “You see, I was in search of a quick way to cash in, but somewhere along the way I realized that an education was far more valuable than what any sport or paycheck could offer.” Smith transferred to the University of Delaware where a greater emphasis was placed on academics. Since graduating, he has started a personal fitness company that provides personal training services from the comfort of his own dedicated studio, select outdoor locations throughout South Florida or his clients’ own fitness facilities. He is also actively involved in his community by volunteering his time to many events and nonprofit organizations that involve kids.

Smith pursued an NFL career after rising through the ranks to play Division I football. Through his experiences he came to the realization that he needed to focus on his degree because football wasn’t going to support him for the rest of his life.

Johnathon is also finalizing an adult book with the same title designed to be a guide for those who are interested in pursuing college sports. Smith says, “I want to advise the next generation of student-athletes to not only work on themselves in the classroom and on the field or court, but to also embrace the life lessons learned as part of the college experience. It is these lessons that will prepare those student-athletes for life after their athletic careers.”

1In this book, Johnathon includes several inspirational stories, including his own, to outline the struggles and obstacles each person faced in order to achieve their goals and dreams. Though their commonality of aspirations on the field helped them to be successful, in many instances that did not translate into successes off the field. Many athletes have found themselves derailed from their original goals because of inexperience, unexpected situations, poor decision-making, the inability to balance sports and academics, etc

Both books discuss the end game so that young athletes can understand what will happen once their athletic career comes to an end. When they walk off the field for the last time, they need to know how to prepare for their life. The main point of the book is to help student athletes understand that a good education really does matter, no matter how good they are on the court or the field.

Parents and aspiring athletes are encouraged to read the books to apply the life lessons found throughout the pages. Details about the books can be found in the store STORE.

Johnathon Smith is a founder of Living Legends Fitness in Broward County, Florida. His vision is to help others maximize their potential via physical fitness. This leads him to constantly research new ideas and fitness techniques. He also volunteers with the F.A.S.T. Camp in Pembroke Pines, Florida, as well as the South Florida 7on7 Camp in Miami, Florida.


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