Coaching & Mentoring With Johnathon J. Smith

“Has anyone ever given you a puzzle as a gift and, as soon as you open the box and see what it is, you immediately have this vision that this it’s going to be difficult and time consuming?”

Well, this is how many people in the world view life…

Life is not easy, and, well…

I’m here to give you the blue print to solving that difficult and time-consuming puzzle…

I want to share with you the secrets that I, Johnathon J. Smith, have learned in my life, especially to show you how to IMMEDIATELY propel your success, either on the field, or off!

Just think what more you could accomplish if you were personally taught and mentored by Johnathon himself?

Here is your chance to learn from someone who’s “been there” and “done that” . . .

Now, before we go further, you’re probably wondering “what makes this guy different from all of the others?”

And that’s a great question!

Well, not to brag, but this guy has been honored frequently since graduating from college…

…as a former professional athlete . . .

. . . as a featured guest speaker on Capitol Hill,

… as a named Enterprising Man of the Year,

And even . . .

as a Best Selling Author! From virtual online programs, to LIVE personal mentoring — Johnathon does it all.

He offers many levels of coaching, consulting and training for athletes (both amateur and professional).

So, if you’re a current or former student athlete, no matter what your situation, you too can make it!

Whether you’re eight years old or a college kid with a dream — Johnathon and his team can help.

Orif you’re a parent (or grandparent) with a child that is pursuing an athletic dream, and you know how slim the chances are, then it’s still worthwhile togive them hope by supporting their dreams!

Just because a career in sportsmay come to an end does NOT mean that life has to end as well.

And there are hundreds of good examples and proof that former athletes can turn and have turned pro in things other than sports.

Life keeps going, so you (or your child) should not be giving up.

Just move your focus over!

Johnathon did that after his football career ended, and look where it’s gotten him today . . .

He’s succeeded not at sports, but at LIFE!

So what can he do for you?

He can provide the tools and information to prepare athletes of ALL ages — for profitable and fulfilling careers after athletics – incase things don’t go in their favor on the court or on the field.

What else? Well, the man can personally help you apply not only the knowledge that your college scholarship provided to you, BUT . . .

The skills you learned from your life in athletics as well, which include:

– Accountability
– Building Character

– Competitive

- Faith

- How to overcome defeat
– Integrity

- limitations, and the impact they can make with a team

– Miracles happen

– Mental toughness

- Overcoming Adversity
- Discipline

- Physical toughness
– Positive attitude
– Perseverance

- Responsibility

- Respect

- Self-esteem
– Teach ability

- Teamwork
– Team unity

- Three “Ps”… practice, patience, and persistence

All of those are three KEY ESSENTIALS to improving your life.

Now, despite all of that, you maystill think you can somehow do it alone.

And not need any help.

And to tell you the truth, some can.

Though I should probably warn you now — more of them fail than succeed — the odds are stacked against you. And that’s the harsh reality of it.

So, why take the gamble?

Sometimes you just need a valued sounding board. What do I mean by that?

I mean getting advice and counsel from a seasoned student athlete turned entrepreneur that has been there . . . and done that . . .

Someone you can rely on for discretion and honest, no-hold back advice. That is the role of a personal and trusted mentor.

Choosing the right mentor is about finding a proper fit.

Now, how do you do that?

Well, you should first seek someone whose past experiences align with your future ambitions.

Look for someone who has gone down a similar path to the one you want for yourself, and someone who is willing to openly share the experiences of his ownjourney!

And that is EXACTLY what Johnathon can do for you.

Some people may try to make it look easy while they talk theirway into yourgood graces and portray themselves as a great role model who will help you grow your business . . .

. . . but it isn’t always easy to find that, one, special person.

Who do you call then, when no one has the answers?

Where even the smartest CEOs turn for guidance when company building gets personal.

You see, it really doesn’t matter who you are, beginner or advanced . . .

Everyone needs a mentor!

Mentors can be critical to growth and success in any career.

But often the most difficult part is finding a good mentor.

Once you do, it becomes well worth the wait.

Life after athletics doesn’t mean an ending. Rather, it means a BEGINNING!

So, let’s get started!

Introducing Johnathon’s Dare To Dream, Play To Win Club™: 

It’s an entry level program with Johnathan J. Smith. He created it for all levels of student athletes and entrepreneurs (regardless of where you are in life) . . . 

And those who do make the leap?

Well, they become LEGENDARY.

This is our entry level membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Johnathon and his teachings at a very affordable rate – just $9.95 a month! (Yes, you read that correctly!)

Dare to Dream, Play to Win Club™ members will prosper with all of these benefits:

• Enjoy a monthly call with Johnathon and special expert guests on marketing (and success topics) designed to grow your business and income.

• Receive access to digital recordings, action worksheets, and PDF transcripts of each phone call.

• Save 10% off Dare to Dream, Play to Win store products, and have NEW tele-courses delivered right to your inbox.

All of this will change your life!

To get started right away, join Johnathon’s Dare to Dream, Play to Win Club™ here now.

To get started right away, join Johnathon’s Dare to Dream, Play to Win Club™ here now.

Next up . . .


How To Do It Yourself With Life.Learning to Play.Learning Win™: This is a virtual online training program for the busy student athlete. 

And for entrepreneurs (of all levels).

So how did this begin?

Well, it was developed by Johnathon through years of personally coaching HUNDREDS of student athletes. Just like you!

At this point though, it’s probably thousands!

They all listened to his sage advice, and created a working, and strong relationship!

You must understand that . . .

Life.Learning to Win.Learning to Play™ is your unique opportunity to receive an entire year’s worth of knowledge and know-how,

. . . covering a solid plan of online and offline strategies, handed to you in easy-to-implement video lessons.

Sounds good, right?

You’ll learn the most up-to-date, PROVEN strategies, tools, and tactics to help you dramatically increase your reach and revenues.

If that sounds reasonable, and you want that in your life, then you must sign up!

Start learning these winning secrets in as little as 30 minutes a day!

Learn more about the Life.Learning to Win.Learning to Play™ class here.


Learn more about the Life.Learning to Win.Learning to Play™ class here.


Finally, The Class We’ve All Been Waiting For — Living Legends™: Quarterly Coaching Days for the Serious Student Athlete & Entrepreneur


Willis Thomas, Jr.,Program Director, Douglas Carmichael “Mike” McIntyre II (D-NC) ., Joseph Heath Shuler (D-NC), and Paul Caccamo Executive Director of in Capital Hill, United States.

What is it and who’s this for?

Well, it’s pretty much a quarterly coaching for the serious student athlete, and entrepreneur.

So, if you’re not serious about your future success, then it’s best that you leave now . . .

BUT if you believe in yourself, and want that extra push, that extra motivation, then this is absolutely PERFECT for you!

Believe me . . .

. . . it’s one of the BEST programs out there. Not to mention, it’s very exclusive.

Once every 90 days, you’ll completely remove yourself from your business (and the pressures of everyday life) to attend a LIVE, one-day Legendary Strategy Meeting — that puts the focus all on you! Yeah, you!

What does that mean exactly?

We’re talking about your goals, your plans, and your progress.

Group size is limited to only 8 people to ensure personalized attention for all participants.

So, ask yourself . . .

Are you going to sit back and just hope for a better life?

Or, are you actually going to take action to improve it?

You strike me as a risk-taker, and someone that won’t stop at anything to reach his goals.

And that’s why Iwant YOU to be one of those selected people . . .

Best of all, it’s highly recommended by others, and is very affordable.

You really have nothing to lose.

If you’re interested in learning more, complete the form here!

Guaranteed VIP Private Consulting With Johnathon J. Smith

For those who desire individual attention — or confidentiality in your working arrangement — Johnathonoffers VIP private consulting for qualified applicants only!

Several pre-requisites apply.

And on occasions, Johnathon may be available to travel to you . . .

. . . whether it’s Maine, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Miami, Philadelphia, or even international places like Germany.

In fact, this offer is so rare instance that it is a limited-time offer.

So don’t miss out — just make the call today!

And show us you really want to win . . .

Learn more about VIP Private Consulting with Johnathon here!

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