One Of The Most Popular Classes Offered — Living Legends™

Johnathon created the Living Legends Club for all levels of entrepreneurs . . .

. . . And those who are ready to make the leap to becoming one.

But, first, let me explain.

What is this class about and how is it different than the rest?

Well, it instantly gives you quarterly coaching (useful for those that are REALLY serious about making a change).

This is an intermediate level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Johnathon and his teachings at a very affordable rate – just $9.97 a month!

You will learn from Johnathon (and special expert guests), as they cover marketing and entrepreneurial topics designed to grow your business—and revenues.

Does that sound like something you may be interested in?

If not, then that’s okay.

I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t for everyone . . .

And we don’t believe in forcing someone to do something when they aren’t motivated to do it.

Although saying that may be bad for business, it’s okay with us.


Because we want you, and people like you, to succeed.

You see, there are many paths to improving your life.

Becoming a member of the Living Legends Club is just one option . . .

But — nonetheless — it’s an option that I HIGHLY recommend!

For a ton of reasons . . .

Because when you join, we will be covering topics that include how to:

Attract all the customers you need for your business (it’s not as hard as you think, but you need a plan!)

Learn the secrets to getting PR for your business or cause (the media will love your story, if you frame it right)

Get endorsements for your book, product, or service

Get your product made and into stores (everyone has a product idea—find out yours today!)

Improve not only your mind, but your body as well . . .

Acquire the skills for SUPREME time management (which is very desired for most people)

Mastery for teams like the one you will be building (teamwork matters, man)

Use social media tools > like Facebook and LinkedIn to grow your and increase sales (it’s fast and free, so why not?)

Understand and use the keys to making smart business decisions like your favorite millionaire (lebron james? bill gates? you decide)

As you can see, there are MANY benefits to joining this particular program.

It’s very special (but also very challenging)

Still, that shouldn’t steer you away . . .

Nor should your fears!

Build up that confidence, take action, and make your life better now!

Why wait?

Don’t let not knowing what to say – or how to say it – undermine your credibility as a boss.

Order today and you can get all the information and secrets to true, leadership development.


All of Johnathon’s tips, tricks, and helpful knowledge to help you have the kind of impact, as a leader, that you’ve always wanted.

With this special course, you will really learn how to be proactive.

What does that mean?

It means that if you’ve got ideas in your mind about what the deeper issues are, you can probably predict the problems that’ll crop up as a result.

Instead of waiting for those problems to appear, take steps to prevent them!

If you can’t prevent them, then you can at least prepare!

In fact, you MUST prepare . . .

You see, that’s the core difference between a leader and a regular person.

A regular responds well to a variety of situations, but . . .

. . . A good leader takes effective action to prevent and create situations before they actually happen . . .

They PURPOSELY make their lives better!

By preparing . . . By dreaming . . . By taking action . . .

You see, that’s some powerful stuff!

We can share a lot more on topics like that, too.

With you joining this class, I can show you, the exact steps and secrets that I used on my journey to success.

It will be well worth it, trust me — it’s that easy . . .

Click here to get started with Living Legends™

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