Meet Nollis Dewar. He Dared to Dream and Played to Win.

Nollis Sylbier DeWar was like many children who grew up in America, however he was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica and is the eldest of eight siblings. His parents, who were only teenagers at the time of his birth, were not able to adequately care for him financially or mentally. Thus, he was left in the care of his grandmother shortly after he was born. At the age of 4, his life would change as he met Rosa Sanders an American citizen from Los Angeles, CA who migrated to Jamaica to start a new life. Nollis’ encounter with Rosa resulted in a bond that would uncover a meaningful and lasting maternal relationship. Under Rosa’s care, Nollis was fortunate to attend Harrison Prep Elementary school and later attended the Herbert Morrison Comprehensive High School.

When Rosa migrated back to the United States she adopted Nollis to afford him the opportunity to come to the United States for a better life and to further his education. Nollis attended the Los Angeles High School in California for a semester, and then moved to Windsor, Connecticut to continue his schooling. The decision to move from California to Connecticut came from his desire to experience a new climate, one that was different from the heat that he had lived in his entire life in Jamaica. Nollis excelled in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as school plays, talent shows, and sports (track & field and American football) while living in Connecticut.

In 2004, he earned a full scholarship to attend the University of Connecticut (UConn) to play football. However in 2006, he was released from the team, following a poor decision he made to organize an unsanctioned party in his hotel room prior to a scheduled game. However, despite his removal from the team, he decided to remain focused on his academics and stayed at the University to earn a Bachelors degree in Sociology.

In 2009, great news came as Nollis was presented with an offer that he could not refuse. The offer came from the University of North Alabama (UNA) in the form of a full scholarship to play football for one year, under newly acquired and renowned coaches Jeff and Bobby Bowden. Moving to Florence, Alabama to attend UNA was a turning point in his life. He enrolled in acting classes, was cast in a play, and left a lasting impression on his drama professor, and others who witnessed his skill and talent in acting. Encouraged to pursue acting, Nollis was inspired and knew exactly what path he wanted to take in his life.

Following his time at UNA, Nollis returned back to Connecticut with a plan in place. Ultimately his goal would be to work, save money, and move back to California to pursue a career in acting. In 2012, he accomplished his goal and began his journey to California to make his dream a reality.

Faith again would play a major role in the life of the aspiring actor. Within three weeks of his arrival to Los Angeles, Nollis was offered a job to work in a star studded luxury apartment building in the Los Angeles/Hollywood Area. Well known celebrities and stars interacted with Nollis on a daily basis and offered him advice on various ways to jump start his career. His discipline to dream big and play to win paid off. He is now a rising actor in the Los Angeles area and presently works for MyKee TV as a host and production assistant.


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Meet Jonathan J. Smith: Professional Athlete. Businessman. Mentor.


Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed to know a lot of people who have been important to me. My mentors have helped me achieve the goals I’ve set for my life. One of my greatest victories was completing my education and even having the courage to stay in school to receive that precious high school diploma. I never imagined my athletic career would one day lead me to play college football and then to an all-too-brief career in the NFL as a member of the Washington Redskins.

My involvement and love for mentoring kids led me to volunteer with the Special Olympics, Big Brothers and local civic groups in south Florida.

Teaching young people how to take their passion for athletics and apply it to academics is what I am all about. I want to guide young people toward a really great career path in whatever they choose to do.

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