brain-gearssmRealize Your Potential Outside of the Playing Field – It is not easy to make the transition from everyday college student-athlete to everyday worker-bee, but those student-athletes making the jump should realize the skills and abilities they have developed over the course of their athletic career have prepared them for success in the real world.

Sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer, author of such books as the The Little Red Book of Sales, says, “What I found most interesting was that the people who had played sports were among my best employees.” Gitomer believes an athlete, not just because of their athletic experience, will make for a great employee. Athletes have team experience, competitive experience, and have learned to win and to lose.

Athletes possess an array of skills that have been honed through their athletic, and academic careers. An athlete has had to make friends with his teammates, just as he will have to do so in the working world. He may not like everyone, but he will have to learn to work with them all, just as he had to learn to play as a team with other athletes he may not have liked so much.

Athletes know how to win. They have made winning a habit and they know how to repeat it. The college student-athlete has gone through hours of rigorous practice to perfect his athletic skill and understands the type of work it takes, the type of desire necessary for success. The typical athlete has a certain ability to learn “the game” and exhibit’s a desire and an interest in improving his or her skills.

On the field and in the fast-paced world of work there are rules by which to play. Athletes understand this and have learned that there is a penalty for not playing by those rules. Athletes have tremendous pride in their performance and many will visit their old coaches. There’s nothing like sharing what you have accomplished beyond your days on the field or court with one of the people who played a role in your development. The average student just does not develop these types of skills.

So, when student-athletes enter the “real world” they need to rely on their training and realize their potential. The years spent on a field, on a court, or in a pool will translate into success in the business world or whatever field work a student-athlete pursues.

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